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Retail Division & Support

       Our retail and Support division is capable to cover Iraqi Province widely. The Division is fitted with a dynamic sales floor, a demonstration area, a fully equipped workshop and service center.

The retail outlet provides excellent services and solutions to home, small-office-home-office (SOHO), Councils, Land Boards, NGO’s, and Government computer users and corporate entities.



       The retail division deals with different suppliers regionally and overseas for IT supply and computer components. Along with nowadays competition and IT business dynamic markets, importing own components is the only way to ensure stock availability and continuous supply of goods and quality spares in a competitive and affordable price.


PC Assembly

       Beside buy and sell different well known brands of computers, Masar Al Nahdha Company is able provide assemble service to it is clients according to their special needs and required specifications.

We undertake our staff training for available systems on the ground to the last updates to go through a rigorous quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) checks before dispatch process.

Assembly currently takes place in our fully equipped workshop. PCs are assembled with consideration given to the performance of the machines, stability, reliability, efficiency and any possible upgrades in the future.


PC Support Center

Masar Al Nahdha Company, Offers online support to clients regarding various commercial and technical applications, through telephone communications, machines are brought into our workshop for hardware and software support.

Masar Al Nahdha Company, Offers onsite and call-out support where required although this is on a chargeable base.

Masar Al Nahdha Company, Boasts a fully equipped workshop with qualified personnel in order to perform routine upgrades, service and maintenance for client’s. Workshop personnel are determined in their effort to ensure maximum customers services 24 hours a day.



PC Solutions will provide training on-site; this will be mainly basic use of the equipment.


IT Consultation

       Clients that may have a specific and dynamic IT need, our Company provides professional consultations, sound, computer and networking advices, through providing clients with feasible needs analysis.

Masar Al Nahdha Company design and implement systems that are ideally suited to the clients needs.



       In smart partnership with our qualified network specialists, Masar Al Nahdha Company is able to offer a number of various network installations.

These installations vary from simple local area network to complicated wide area networks. In the installation of networks, different Network topologies are used, viz. token ring; star; peer to peer; VPN etc.


Networking Cabling

       Masar Al Nahdha Company is able to install and lay all types of cables for all types of networking structures. Cables are laid in a neat, efficient and effective manner in order to ensure minimal disruptions may occurs. Cabling is normally channeled through special ducting or reticulation channels.

For clients that are building new premises, our cabling specialists are able to give advice according to the layout of power and cable points.


Wired & Wireless Networks

PC Solutions offers both Wireless and Wired networks.


Wireless Lan

       Masar Al Nahdha Company interests to make sure that Security, Mobility and Convergence are met. Security protects network resources from unauthorized outside accesses, improves availability.

Mobility enables appropriate users to access their network anytime, anywhere. Convergence enables the network to carry many kinds of traffic with appropriate priorities.


Wired Lan

       PC Solutions does installations of CAT5e and CAT6 LAN Cabling. Our cabling involves running cables in conduits and trunking to avoid exposure of cables.


Fiber Installation

       PC Solutions does backbone installations of both multimode and single mode Fibre installations. This includes linking buildings or vertical installations from one floor to the next within the same building.


Network UPS’s

PC Solutions supplies and configures APC network UPS.






The Managing Director is responsible for the Sales and Marketing of the company. He makes executive decisions for PC Solutions.


The Technical Engineer/Project manager is solely responsible for this particular project. He oversees the implementation of all projects as he is MCSE accredited.


He co-ordinates the sales and technical teams and vest responsibilities designed to offer valuable perspective and input to PC Solutions.


The accounting department makes sure the financial aspects of the organization are fully caterked for and that the company books are always in good order.


The workshop is always a hive of activities at PC Solutions as this the mainstay of any IT project that we might be implementing. The department also provides design work for network infrastructures and other related services.


The Sales Representatives are responsible for dealing with customers and liaising with project implementation teams and addressing the needs of customers alike.


The team is responsible for delivering complete and quality tested end products to the end user. Repairs and Upgrades are part of the team’s daily routine. PC assembly for projects is undertaken by the team in coalition with the Project Manager.